Why your phone number is banned from WhatsApp ? by técSupport

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October 08, 2021
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Whatsapp number ban

Why your phone number is banned from WhatsApp?

Multiple factors affect banning your WhatsApp number:

  1. When you send a lot of Spam Messages in a short period, WhatsApp has certain message sending limits for their business chat users.
  2. An abrupt expansion in the quantity of messages sent. Particularly on new & unsaved number. (for more information on sending limits, please go through our message sending guide)
  3. Sending the same message to lots of people, in a short period of time to avoid these you can use message customization option from the software & use random time gap between messages or can also split the messages under batches, this feature can definitely save your WhatsApp Number from getting blocked.
  4. People report or Block you, this is the main reason where you have higher chance of getting your WhatsApp Number blocked, but you can use optout feature from the software, so instead of reporting your number customers would use optout feature to stop receiving the messages, this feature is again very beneficiary to maintain the ratio of sent v/s received messages.

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